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Putnam Automotive Group, LLC is a vehicle repair and restoration service devoted to delivering quality work with exceptional customer service. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with satisfied customers, and we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality work at a fair price. We are always pleased to hear from our satisfied clients. The following comments are from some of our clients whom were very happy with our work

Liberty Mutual

Dear Sir:
I am pleased to report that Liberty Mutual quickly and amicably resolved a situation arising from a minor accident involving my vehicle on February 3 of this year. Even though I had failed to alert the local police, your representatives accepted my account of the collision and promptly sent me checks to cover the repairs to my car.

Those repairs were accomplished by a body shop in Danbury, Connecticut, you had recommended: Putnam Automotive Group, 14 Plumtrees Road. They did an exemplary job. Your trust in their work is well placed.

Mr. Joe Putnam
Putnam Automotive Group LLC

Dear Sir:
I am compelled to write this letter to express my supreme satisfaction with your work and your excellent customer relations.

You have made repairs on two of my cars and both times I was completely pleased with the results. I have never felt this degree of satisfaction any place else where I have taken a car for repairs. You are No. 1!

John is certainly an asset to your group.

H. Eugene C.
Southbury, CT
Joe and Staff,
I would like to thank you for the 1st class job performed on my car. It surpasses what I thought possible.

Joe, but what most of all I wish to thank you for your thoughtfulness and the courtesies extended to me.

Dick B.

Dear Joe Putnam,
I would like to take a moment to thank and commend your shop for its courtesy service. This past Saturday I had picked up my car from a body shop that had to correct some earlier work. I was assured the previous day that the job was completed but when I arrived one of the problems was still not correct so the tone was set for the day! I next went to have my oil changed at a place where their policy is to put a window down so as not to lock the keys in the car. That is all fine and well until a door gets slammed with the window in the down position thereby knocking it off the track. Their explanation to me was sorry that it happened there was nothing they can do. In utter disgust I took the car to Danbury VW hoping that they could at the very least get the window up for me. But they were "too busy". "Duct tape some plastic over it we might be able to look at it by the end of next week" was their solution. At my wits end your shop came to mind. Without hesitation when I spoke of the problem to one of your men (I failed to get his name, tall, blond crew cut?) he came out to take a look. He told me that at the very least he would get the window up for me. Well about twenty minutes later not only did he get the window up; it was also back in working condition!! When I asked how much did I owe I was told do not worry about it. That is what I call service! Not the fact that I was not being charged but that he took the time and concern that the other people were unwilling to take. It is very refreshing to find that there are still people in this society that do care like your shop does.
Please find enclosed a small token of thanks.

Thank you,
Carrieo R.
Purchase NY
Dear Joseph Putnam and the Putnam Automotive Group,
I am a deeply pleased and satisfied customer because my car received superior, top-notch treatment and I was always treated with respect. I had a terrifying accident on a steep curve near my place during the torrential rainstorm on July 18, 2005 where my car lost control on the hill, going forwards over the curb then in reverse going backwards over the opposite curb and then sinking into the saturated mud which made it difficult to brake. After overcoming the mud and the curb, my car was barely drivable, with the rear wheels horribly slanted. I later learned the whole rear suspension plus many other things would have to be replaced. I thought my car would never be the same and that I would have to buy a new car.
Fortunately, you proved me wrong. Lenny Silva seemed to know how worried I was and went out of his way to assure me that my car would be taken care of He took me into the shop to meet one of the workers, Marc Vasale. The shop with its 5 bays seemed very spacious, clean, organized and well equipped. You have ample space to work on various stages to restore your cars. Lenny, Joe Putnam and another woman who spoke with me several times over the next 2 Y2weeks were consistently patient, kind and courteous with me. I urged them to tell Bob Forbes and Marc Vasale to take their time to be meticulous and conscientious so I could feel safe driving on the curving hills by my home. When I got my car back, I was totally ecstatic that the car looked and drove like a new car! My Mazda had a shiny smooth and polished body all over with new parts like the day I bought it. It steered perfectly around curves and on hills and I felt very safe due to the work done by Bob and Mark. Two weeks later when I brought my car in for an oil change to the Mazda service dept., Jeremy Riechin, the service manager and their top master mechanic, Victor looked at your work and said you guys did a really super job. The professional, objective opinion of these 2 really made me feel I made the right decision to bring my car to you. I am convinced no other shop could have been better. I will highly recommend your shop to others for your excellent work and your good customer relations. I also thank you Joe for assuring me that your work will be warranted for as long as I own the car. You have a wonderful family owned business and I feel assured you will have many years of continued success.

Sharon W.

To everyone at Putnam Automotive:
A note of thanks for your assistance with the repairs to our vehicle due to an auto accident in early 2005. What we initially thought would be a difficult process turned out to be quite the opposite thanks to everyone in your establishment. Although scheduling conflicts on our end sometimes made it difficult to arrange appointments, consequently extending the repairs over several months, your staff remained flexible to our needs. We consistently were met with friendly faces and a relaxed, yet professional, atmosphere. Thank you once again for the positive experience. We have already referred friends to Putnam Automotive and will continue to do so.

Best wishes for a New Year,
Jeremy & Kristin H.

ATTN: John/Joe Putnam
I would like to acknowledge you and your business for your outstanding dedication to customer service. It is nice to know that Putnam Automotive, with its professionalism and dedication to their customers, is there to stand by their unquestionable devotion to quality and professional service. I will not hesitate to refer anyone for any automobile bodywork. Once again thank you and great job.

Andrew C.
Joe Putnam
I recently had minor body work done on my Honda Pilot. The job was completed that same day, saving me from having to rent or borrow a car. You and your entire staff are to be commended for having the work completed punctually, as promised. With the added benefit of washing, it looked like I just drove it out of a showroom. When anyone asks me to recommend an autobody shop, I highly recommend Putnam Automotive for quality workmanship and prompt completion of the job.

Richard A.
Sherman, CT

Dear Mr. Putnam,
Recent1y I had brought my car to your shop for co1lision damage repairs.
I would like you to know that your staff is a great bunch of people. They were courteous and very helpful to us in dealing with this traumatic experience. In our confusion we left some items in the car. Mona Riccio stayed after closing time so we could come back and retrieve our things. Jon, Pedro and the others were courteous, efficient, and very helpful. Congratulations on running a first class business outfit.

Abdul R.
Dear Mr. Putnam:
I would like to thank you and your staff for the exceptional restoration you have performed on my 1997 BMW Z-3. After the accident, which caused extensive damage to the entire rear section of my car, I thought that the ownership experience and pleasure I had previously derived from the car would never be the same. Putnam Automotive has proven that to be an unnecessary concern on my part. Not only have you and your staff fully restored my car to its pre-accident appearance, you have also managed to restore my delight in owning and driving the car. Putnam Automotive definitely deserves the referral I received from my insurance carrier, which recommended your company as a quality repair facility.

Thomas M.

Dear Mr. Putnam:
We would like to thank you and your people for the fine service that we received recently. Our 2002 Toyota Canny was in for body work from September 13 to 20. The job was a big one, but it was done well. There was just one very minor adjustment that had to be done after we received the car.
Our contacts were with Bill and John. They were good and so were all the behind-the-scenes people. Please thank all of them for us.

Sheila and William R.

Dear Joe:
I wanted to personally thank you for the superb service you and your staff provided to me over the past few months. You had done a tremendous job in repairing my severely damaged 1998 Honda Civic after it was in a horrible car accident. You returned it to me in better condition than before the accident. You and your staff were extremely patient and sympathetic to my frustrations while also demonstrating extreme professionalism and courtesy during the entire ordeal.
You personally went above and beyond for the most recent problem with my vehicle. Not just anyone would come out at a moment's notice at the end of a busy workday to help a person in need. You are definitely a one of a kind person and itís no doubt your efforts prove to be one of reasons behind your very successful business and outstanding reputation. I feel so fortunate to have had you recommended to me and will be honored to recommend you to others in the future.
Thank you again for your outstanding service!

Jackie C.
Dear Joe:
Winters in Connecticut many times are not fun, especially when driving a new car. I am the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz E class. Unfortunately, this winter was extremely cold and icy. As a result of my sliding on the ice, I damaged my new vehicle. Of course, I felt quite saddened to see my new car in such a state.
I was fortunate to have found your business. Joe, I am most appreciative of the service I received. Your team did a wonderful job. They were so professional and paid attention not only to my mental state, but to perfectly repairing all the damages done to my car. They were so kind and courteous. They also made sure my car was quickly repaired to perfection. Every detail was attended to, in a very professional manner.
As you can readily tell, I am an extremely happy customer. My sincere thanks and appreciation to you and your team.

With Kindest Regards,
Karen G.

Dear Joe:
I would like to thank you and your entire staff for the professional and timely repair work you've performed on my '96 Buick LeSabre. As much as I've always admired the quality and workmanship of G.M. vehicles, I truly believe the car looks better now than then when it first rolled out of the factory! I also appreciate how you and your staff worked so hard at cleaning and waxing the entire car, even though the actual body damage was limited to the front-passenger comer. Whenever the situation arises that someone may mention to me the need for auto body service, I would not hesitate to strongly suggest your establishment for complete satisfaction. And of course, if I ever need this type of service again, I'll have no doubt in who to call.

Michael W.
Dear Joe,
I just wanted to thank you for the incredible body work your team did for my Volkswagen Jetta. I had just bought my new car 9 months ago and when it was hit in the parking lot while I was working, I was really upset. Along with being upset about the damage to my car, I was also worried that it would cost a fortune and take a long time to be fixed. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't cost a fortune and that it was returned to me quickly. My car looked as good as new again. Not only did you fix my car, but you shined up the outside so it really felt like it was new again. That extra touch was a wonderful surprise and showed me that your shop takes excellent care of its customers. Thank you so much for the excellent service and making what is normally an unpleasant visit, a wonderfully memorable one. Your competitors could certainly learn quite" bit from you on how to treat customers and their vehicles.

Thank you,
Liesel T.

Dear Joe,
Wow! Tremendous! Superb! And a thousand other laudatory words to describe the magnificent body repair work your people did on our Infiniti. Your staff are artists and you must be very proud of their work. The repairs were so well done that we cannot even see where the new sections of the car begin and the old sections end. It is amazing how the areas blend flawlessly. We would like to thank you personally and hope that you will convey our thanks to your professionals for a job well done.
Finally, we would be remiss if we didn't also comment on the unbelievably inexpensive cost for the expert work done. Thank you so very much for a very first-class experience. Finally, as a token of our appreciation, please accept the enclosed small gift for you and your wife. We hope you have as much pleasure enjoying this present as we have been enjoying our "new" car.
Thanks again.

Sincerely yours,
Richard and Elsie G.

Joe -
Just a quick note to say Thank You for the work on my Volvo S-80. The care was ready when I was told it would be, and the cost was in line with original estimate. Best of all- the car looks great. Your organization is professional, courteous and very good at what you do.

Thanks again
Dear Joe:
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for the wonderful job your shop did in fixing my Explorer and for the courtesy you extended to me. I have dealt with a few body shops over the years but have never left one where I felt so good about the service and the work as I did when I left last night. I will wholeheartedly recommend your shop to anyone who is looking for a fine, reputable and friendly place to have work done on their vehicle. Again Joe, thank you ever so much.

Sincerely yours,
Luanne M.

Dear Joe,
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a fine job you did on my wife's 2001 PT Cruiser. The car looks better than the day we bought it. I have to admit, my wife and I were surprised on the details and attention you gave in fixing the PT Cruiser. My wife was even more surprised and pleased that you cleaned and vacuumed the inside of our car. I will certainly recommend you to my friends that may have an unfortunate accident with their car.

Joseph T.
Dear Joe and the staff at Putnam Automotive Group,
Thank you once again for doing such a beautiful job on my Honda. I can always rely on Putnam Automotive. Not only does my car look perfect but also the job was done quickly and the service is unbeatable!
Thanks again for taking such good care of us.

Christine C.

Dear Joe-
I wanted to take the time to thank you for fixing my car. I was referred to you by my insurance company, Liberty Mutual, and I'm glad that they did. I felt comfortable the moment I walked into the door. I am impressed with the level of service I have received from everyone in the office. Everyone was very helpful.
I wasn't going to say this but what the heck. More often than not, women get taken advantage of in these types of situations. It was comforting to me to know that what you said was what was going to happen. And, whatever price you gave me was the final price. There were no surprises at the end. Wow! Now, there's a concept that other businesses should practice. Thank you for being honest and truthful to your word. I will bring my cars you in the future and I will definitely recommend your shop to all of my friends and family, without hesitation.
A special thanks again to Bill, Vicky and yourself.

Wanda V.

Dear Joe,
Please accept my most sincere thanks for your exceptional work this week on my son's 1999 Honda Civic. It was his first accident (a rite of passage for a teenage boy, I suppose) and, thankfully, no one was hurt. I came to you for help because I had heard about your quality reputation, your keen attention to detail and the speed with which you operate. Boy, did I hear right! You completed the repairs in less than three days, you treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy, and the car looks as good as new. What more could a customer ask? I am sure you have heard this before, but the kind of superior service you provide is very hard to find, in any industry. For some reason, far too many business owners and service providers choose to ignore what is a rather simple success formula --- prompt, courteous service at a fair price. Well, their loss is your gain. You and your team had the formula locked long ago, and I join your many satisfied customers in expressing my gratitude It was a pleasure doing business with you, Joe, and it was equally enjoyable to have met you. Please also extend my thanks to Billy and the staff for their great work.

Best Regards,
Doug G.
Just had my car repaired at Putnam Auto in Danbury -- recommend them without hesitation, in case you have a need. Really great job, on time, trustworthy etc.

Andrew B.
Armonk, NY

Dear Joseph,
On behalf of our parish community, I would like to thank you for your generosity in helping us refurbish a car that was given to the parish for the use by one of our new priests. We are most grateful for all your kindness. You can be sure that every time the key is turned on, a prayer will be said for you and your intentions. This car will be well used in serving the Lord and His Church. May God continue to fill your life with all things good and holy.

Rev. Robert W.
Hi Joe-
Thanks so much for repairing my car...it looks great. Can't believe I drove around with it like that for 6 months! Enclosed is my payment in the amount of$639.92. Sorry I didn't have the chance to see you on this run, but, like you, I never seem to have any time to do personal stuff. Hope to catch up with you more personally at some point, however. All the best, and good luck with your new house. Ralph tells me it's a beauty


Dear Joe:
I wanted to personally thank you for the superb service you and your staff provided to me over the past few months. You had done a tremendous job in repairing my severely damaged 1998 Honda Civic after it was in a horrible car accident. You returned it to me in better condition than before the accident. You and your staff were extremely patient and sympathetic to my frustrations while also demonstrating extreme professionalism and courtesy during the entire ordeal. You personally went above and beyond for the most recent problem with my vehicle. Not just anyone would come out at a moment's notice at the end of a busy workday to help a person in need. You are definitely a one of a kind person and its no doubt your efforts prove to be one of reasons behind your very successful business and outstanding reputation. I feel so fortunate to have had you recommended to me and Will be honored to recommend you to others in the future.
Thank you again for your outstanding service!

Jackie C.

Dear Joe,
I would like to take this time to express my thanks and appreciation on how well of a job you and your staff at Putnam Automotive did on my 1997 Grand Cherokee. The workmanship and professional service I received were unsurpassed and I would highly recommend your business to anyone with any questions or second thoughts on the quality of work that your automotive shop puts out From the time spent on the estimate going over all the repairs, to working with the insurance companies with any discrepancies they may have had in the final outcome of the repair of the vehicle, as well as the help with the rental Car Company, to the most important part of all, the finished product, I was extremely impressed.
The vehicle looks as It did when has purchased back in 1997. The close attention to detail and the timely manner that the vehicle was repaired was great Once again thank you.
Brian V. K.
Dear Putnam Automotive Group,
I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how very happy I was with the service I received from your company. Not only was your estimate $150.00 lower than the first estimate I received from another company, I was most pleasantly surprised to see the interior of my car had practically been detailed when I picked it up. My car hasn't been this clean since the day I bought it brand new! I stumbled upon your company driving home a different way from work one day and decided to stop in to see what you would say about fixing my car. It was a great decision! I will highly recommend you to friends and family.
Keep up the good work!

Linda C.

Dear Joe:
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help and consideration with the repair of my wife's car. The car looks terrific!

Needless to say, she is thrilled to have the car back.
Thanks again. See you soon.

Paul P.
To Everyone at Putnam Automotive:
I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for your timely and excellent workmanship you have shown my vehicle after I damaged the front end in an accident recently. While damaging a vehicle can be a disheartening event, having truly caring professionals diagnose, own the project and return with the superb result I was given can be as inversely satisfying. My thanks to Ricky Santana, Andrew Milano, Baltazar Salazar and John Morais are especially appreciated and deserve to be recognized.

Very Best Regards,
Ian D.

Dear Joe, Billy, Andrew, Mark, Pedro and John (plus anyone else I may have forgotten).
Thank You! For all your help. You did a GREAT JOB fixing my Rav 4. You're the best!
Enjoy the goodies.

Thanks, Linda D.
Thank you so much for taking care of this, and thank you for all past help you gave me and my family. You're a great guy and relative.


Mr Putnam-
Thank you so much for all the work you did to my car! It looks absolutely beautiful! I love it! I really appreciate the hard work!

Stephanie F.
Thank you for the great work you did on our '01 Highlander. It looks like NEW! and the price was fair!

John and Stacy

To Joe, Tony and Putnam Automotive.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the excellent job you did on my car! I will refer all my friends and family to you from now on. You guys are the best!

Mike S.

Dear Joe Putnam and staff,
Thank you so much for always going above and beyond with your services.

Vernua and Michael S.
Dear Joe & Staff:
I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the repair work you did on my BMW. Although it was the Tuesday before a long holiday weekend, you made time to squeeze my vehicle in and I had it back for the weekend. The car looks like new.
Please extend my sincere thanks to the workers that repaired it. It is obvious by their craftsmanship that you have an outstanding staff.

Mary R.

Dear Joe and all at Putnam Automotive:
You've fixed my side-swiped, wounded Honda Accord to perfection. Getting her back all clean and vacuumed and shiny was a n unexpected, added treat, and I want to say how much O appreciate it!
I can only try to thank you with good recommendations and referrals to anyone with similar auto woes. You run a tight ship that's friendly and prompt and thorough. Good work!

Thank you!
You guys rock!
Pat L.
Hi Joe,
Please forward this message to all your staff who did an excellent job providing top notch customer service for these customers. These customers provided positive feedback on every aspect of the claim and repair process.
They specifically stated that they were very pleased with Putnam Automotive and were glad Liberty Mutual recommended your shop. It is refreshing to hear something positive rather than the negativity that is constantly harped on. Great job and keep up the good work!

Seth C.
Claims Appraisal Specialist
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Dear Mr. Putnam,
I am writing you to let you know of the wonderful experience I had in working with your business as my car was being repaired. My first experience with your business was a year and a half ago on the advice of my dealership as they send all of their cars to you for the body work. My recent experience was outstanding again with the quality of service, work and professionalism of your staff.
John Morais was my estimator with this last experience. He was polite, professional and overall amazing to work with. I was truly impressed by his overt commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. It is very refreshing in today's world to find someone who exemplifies the knowledge and professionalism of any given profession when unfortunately so many do not.

Carolyn K.

Dear Joe,
This small thanks does not adequately express how I feel. However, in today's hi-tech world that we live in, where one is confronted, on a daily basis, with E-mail, call waiting, telemarketing, etc. it is such a breath of fresh air to be able to have a firm as fine as yours as part of our community.
The individuals you employ provided me with first class service, accompanied by a warm smile along with knowledge help, support and assistance in my time of need. Of course I also have to thank you personally for bringing a sense of harmony and tranquility

Dear Putnam Automotive Group:
I want to take the time to pass along the thanks of a very satisfied customer. In July, Wallace Johnson was referred to your repair facility by AIG. He called us to express his thanks for the superior service that he received when interacting with your staff. Mr. Johnson informed us that he was extremely pleased with the craftsmanship and care ~at went into the repairs of his vehicle.
We are always pleased when we can refer a customer to a repair facility with the confidence that they will be treated respectfully and their vehicle will be repaired correctly.

Rick D.

Mr Putnam,
Thank you very much for the excellent work you performed on my Subaru recently. The car looks great and I can't even believe that there used to be dents and scratches in the paint. It came out many times better than I was expecting. I truly appreciate it!
Please accept my thanks and wishes for a wonderful holiday season. Take Care.

Paul R.
Dear Mr. Putnam,
I am writing you to tell you how happy I was with the service I received at your establishment, in regard to my recent repair this past summer. What could have been a overwhelmingly stressful situation, was simplified and resolved. In my business, I believe prompt, courteous service is a mainstay, and it is wonderful to see it is "alive and well" elsewhere, definitely at Putnam Auto Body.
Years ago, X had a minor scratch repaired on my Volvo and I had been impressed with the speed and service at your shop, This past August, after 25 years of driving without an accident, I was involved in a major collision, Fortunately there were no injuries, just what was sustained by the vehicles, mine a new Nissan Maxima I had been driving barely 5 months. Though it looked to be a total loss to me, my car was quickly disassembled and I was shown point by point, how the damage actually looked much worse than it was. My greatest concern, was that the car would appear and perform exactly as it was before this accident. I was assured it would, I have now had my car back for a little over 4 months and I can safely say, your staff was true to their word. They were friendly, attentive and truly professional and took the stress out of a very trying time for me , Additionally, I appreciate the help you gave intervening with my car rental company. I will enthusiastically recommend you to my friends, clients and colleagues. I appreciate the care, time and detailed consultations. Lastly, but certainly not least, one of your employees REALLY helped me, as in "above and beyond". Mona was absolutely wonderful to work with through this process. What was surprising was that she was willing to return my rental car for me after dropping me off downtown to catch a ride to New York (with seconds to spare). You are very lucky to have her. Thank you again, Joe, you run a class act!

Doug Y.
Ridgefield, CT

Dear Joe,
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know about the exceptional customer service I received from your company. As you know, I had to come back for an additional repair and the service I received from John at your front desk was outstanding. He was extremely attentive, professional and made me feel like he couldn't do enough for me. It is rare you find such qualities in a person these days. You are very lucky to have such a great employee!

Best regards,
Mark and Theresa G.

Dear Joe and staff:
I would like to thank you for taking the extra time and detailing my 4 Runner. You didn't have to do that. It really looks great - at 114,000miles it's almost a new vehicle. I am really very amazed at how wonderfully friendly and helpful you and all your staff have been to us (and other customers in person and on the phone). All of you helped make a bad time better.' The work you did on our Alero - both times is really very good. You are always willing to talk, discuss options and come up with solutions that work for all. No one likes to have to go to a collision place but yours is very special- the workmanship and the people.

Thank you again for all you do. Wishing you all a very special holiday season!
Deirdre St J.
To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to express how happy I was with the very efficient and pleasant service I received recently from you. I was involved in an auto accident and Progressive Insurance referred me to your shop.
You did a beautiful job fixing the bumper on my car (2003 red Subaru Legacy),as well as well as other items I asked you to fix. I was especially appreciative that you fixed the other things without any extra charge to me.
My father and grandfather owned their own auto body business in No. Providence, RI for over 40 years. My father was one of the few honest businesses in the state during that time and treated his customers with the same kindness and efficiency as you do. It is a pleasure to know there are still auto body shops around who run their businesses the way my father and grandfather did.
My father always said, "You don't need to advertise as long as you treat people right and do a good job". I work at Danbury High School and will certainly spread the news! Thank you for the pleasure of doing business with you.

Susan St. G.

Dear Joe,
I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your crew for the fabulous paint job your company did on our 2007 Mark LT pick up truck. As you know, I was a little weary of painting a new truck, especially changing the color and when it didn't need to be done. But, I must tell you the paint job you provided is better than the original factory paint, and you know, I know the difference. I would not have entrusted any other company in the area to do this job except Putnam Auto. Again, thank your crew for me and let them know I am extremely pleased!

Bill S.
Danbury, CT

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